Terms of Service



Membership Registration

  • In order to access our services, a user is required to register for membership.
  • Username/Email ID, password, and some other personal information are required to create a membership account. A valid credit card or any other accepted payment method is required at the time of subscription payment.
  • An internet connection is a must to access the services. Membership may be started with or without a trial, which can be converted to available subscription packages.
  • To avoid next month/s billing and subscription continuation, the user must cancel the subscription.

Plans & Packages

  • Company offers various service plans and packages to meet user requirements. Each package has different perks, conditions, and limitations.
  • The packages are available for a month, three months, six months, and yearly subscription plans. The subscription renews automatically after the package duration ends. And it will cancel only when the user cancels it by itself or when terminated by the company.
  • Packages are different on the basis of channel access, duration, and screen requirements.
  • The promotional memberships offered by the third parties in conjunction with their products and services are their offering. Our company shall not be responsible for any third party’s products and services.
  • Our company reserves all the rights for any modification, termination, or amendment to our membership plans and subscriptions.

Trial period

  • Company provides an option for trial to our services. 
  • A trial can be availed for ONE time only. The company reserves the right to determine the eligibility for trial users.
  • After trial, our services can be accessed via subscription plans and packages. At the end of the trial period, the user’s membership shall start billing for monthly plans – which shall be continued automatically until the user cancels the subscription or change the package plan.
  • Details about the package plan for a certain user can be viewed by checking the status of its running plans in the user’s account.
  • Company may authorize the payment plans through various methods.




Periodic Billing

  • With membership registration and having the company’s services, the User authorizes the company to charge a monthly fee or as per the selected package plan. Additional charges may incur along with package fees such as Taxes, Transaction fees with the payment method.
  • With a subscription, Users acknowledge that the amount billed (for subscription plan status) may vary with time.
  • Amount can be varied for different periods, promotional offers, cards, or codes redemption and for changing the subscription package by a user. The user authorizes us to charge for such scenarios.
  • Periodic billing will be applied on automatically renewed subscriptions or as per the selected plan.

Price Changes

  • Company, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to adjust and modify the pricing for its services or for any components thereof at any time. Any price changes to the services shall take place following notification of our website or in any other form of notification.

Billing Cycle

  • For any service, the billing applies from the start of the subscription (Start date of membership), thereafter, billing repeats when the package is renewed automatically or by the user unless and until the user cancels it.
  • Payment cycle can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly depending on the basis of the package selected
  • The automatic bill is charged for every duration completed from the time of subscription commencement.
  • Company reserve the right to change the billing schedule or time in certain scenarios – if the payment method is not settled successfully. In case the start date is not applicable on the calendar date for next month. Such as some months have 31 days or 28 days. The company will change the billing date accordingly.

Payment Methods

  • Payment method can be set by a user through its account. The user can edit, change or modify the method. If the payment is not successfully made due to card expiration, insufficient funds, or any other reason. It can always be changed. A credit card is accepted for payment of subscription fees.
  • User is responsible for making payment and also in cases if there is any uncollected amount.
  • Payment methods may charge for foreign transaction fees or taxes. Users should aware of details from the payment method service provider.




  • User may cancel its subscription or membership at any time. If the user ends or cancels the membership or subscription, the user can still complete its package duration. However, no further amount will be deducted. Partially or slightly use of service will not be refunded.
  • Subscription can be canceled by the options available in the user’s account. Once the user cancels the membership, the account will be automatically closed after completing the current running month.
  • If the sign-up is made using third-party payment methods. The cancellation can be done through a third party, including account access via a third party, auto-renew off, and stop the subscription. In this case, billing information can be obtained via a third party.




  • Payments are non-refundable, especially for partially or slightly used services. However, the company offers a conditional refund for users that have canceled subscriptions in which the subscribed package was for more than one month. In that case, the amount for the current month or previous month will be deducted. However, If the payment for the upcoming months is already made. Then, that amount after all necessary deductions will be refunded to the user.
  • Company may provide a discount, refund, or a specific consideration for certain scenarios. The amount and form of such credits, and the decision to provide them, are at our sole and absolute discretion. The provision of credits or refunds or any discount does not obligate company for any future provision by company to users under any circumstances.